We have prepared a very special offer for you!

The best solution for traders in the forex market!

You can purchase the Expert Advisor (EA) Rush for only US$ 297 per a lifetime license, or acquire an exclusive package called EASA (Expert Advisors Success Academy) which includes EA Rush plus access to 5 other EAs, all developed by our professional team of traders and managers. Additionally, you will have access to unique risk management and EA selection tools, as well as to all new EAs developed by our team (we have been working on many promising new strategies that will be released soon!).


Purchase EA Rush for $297 per a lifetime license, which includes:

  • License for 1 real or demo EA Rush account which can be modified at any time in the members’ area
  • All future upgrades and new EA Rush strategies
  • Monthly recommendations of which EA Rush strategies to use
  • Risk management recommendations

Acquire access to the EASA program by paying only a US$ 1 trial fee for one month, or US$ 399 biannually later, which includes:

  • A license for 1 real or demo account for each of the 6 EAs (Rush, Metaphor, RSI-SNR, DoubleRSI, SuperSmoother and Hook
  • A license for 1 real or demo account for any of the EAs made available by our team in the future (yes, we are constantly developing several new EAs)
  • All future updates and new strategies for all our EAs
  • Monthly recommendations of which strategies to use on all EAs
  • Individual risk management recommendations by EA and by EA portfolios
  • Training tools on how to select the best strategies and pairs to be traded in each EA