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$197 / life time

Get started today with a professional, profitable and consistent Expert Advisor! This EA has everything you need to achieve the results you have always wanted in the Forex market.


ALBATROSS EA - Fully Verified LIVE Performance

TOTAL PROFIT: +477 PIPS in 11 months


As the most modern Expert Advisor on the market, the Albatross EA offers you the following advantages:

  • Dynamic Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Our team is always available to update EA when necessary
  • Not affected by slippage
  • Not affected by high spread
  • Trade on multiple forex pairs
  • Monthly-updated strategies using WFA (Walk-Forward-Analysis)
  • Automatically adapts to current market conditions
  • Works well on any brokerage trade frequently
  • Compatible with NFA rules (FIFO and Hedge) 

Know The Cutting-Edge Technology Behind the Albatross's Success

The Albatross EA was developed by EASA's (Expert Advisor Success Academy – click here to learn more about our group) experienced team of professional traders.

Hook EA allows you to generate consistent profit over the years with low risk. It’s an ideal tool for traders who wish to trade automatically in the forex market while using an EA which is updated on a monthly and automatic basis, according to the current market conditions.

What we offer is an EA which trades against the trend, seeking greater swing-trade movements in all sessions (Asian, European and American). We combine proprietary indicators with new technologies in this sophisticated EA, such as volatility and trend filters using proprietary indicators and dynamic trailing stops. The calibration of these indicators is carried out monthly using WFA (Walk-Forward Analysis), allowing Hook EA to always trade accurately and in accordance with current market conditions. The Stop Loss and Take Profit points are also automatically adjusted to current market conditions.

As with all EAs developed by EASA, Albatross has undergone a battery of robustness tests (way beyond the usual backtest) to ensure its profitability and consistency over time. To learn more about our rigorous robustness test, click here.

Every month you will be updated in regards to which forex pairs we will trade in the following month, and which parameters will be used (you only need to set up a number and the parameters will be synchronized online).  

You will be entitled to use the Albatross EA on a real account or with a demo account. These account options may be changed at any time within the members’ area.

Albatross - Everything you expect from an Expert Advisor

Manage and control your forex trading with an Expert Advisor effectively capable of generating consistent profits and developed by experienced and successful professionals traders. Trade with an EA able to adapt to the latest market factors!

Are you tired of searching for an EA that actually works? The Albatross EA was developed to generate consistent low risk profits (without martingale, grid or no stop loss orders).

Sign up now using the link below and you will receive, free of charge, an e-book on how to select the best EAs to trade your forex account, as well as a complete step-by-step tutorial for developing profitable and consistent EAs! Download NOW! 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is the main kind of strategy applied by the Albatross EA?

The Albatross EA uses a strategy based on trades against the trend, seeking greater swing-trade movements by using proprietary indicators with dynamic filters and smart outputs in both European and American sessions.

2 - Which pairs does Albatross EA trade?

This EA runs on just a few forex pairs. Every month we select recommended pairs to run the following month according to market conditions, in order to achieve the best possible returns.

3 - Does the Albatross EA run on any forex broker?

Yes, this EA runs on any forex broker offering the Meta Trader 4 platform. The Hook EA is not very sensitive to the broker spread, working quite well in the vast majority of brokers.

4 - Do I need a VPS to run the Hook EA?

We recommend you run Albatross EA by using a VPS. We do not recommend running this EA directly from your computer (even though it tends to work) due to possible internet crashes and high latency.

5 - Can I backtest with Albatross EA?

No. Since Albatross EA has been developed with the EASA Tester, our proprietary software, its backtests are done by using WFA, which means it will only run backtests on that platform. The parameters for backtesting on MT4 are not available to customers.

6 - In case any new versions of the Albatross EA are released, will I receive them?

Yes, you will always receive all new available versions of the EA. We regularly work on the constant improvement of our EAs, as well as updating them to the current market conditions. 

7 - How does the parameter updating via WFA (Walk-Forward-Analysis) work?

Every month, we will provide our clients (via email and in the members’ area) new parameters to be used on the EA, indicating which forex pairs we recommend you use the following month, and also offering risk management recommendations (even though you are free to choose the risk management option which suits you best).

8 - How is the order risk control function performed?

The Albatross EA opens only one order at a time on each forex pair and all orders have a fixed Stop Loss. None of our EAs will grid, martingale, open orders without stop loss or engage in any other kind of aggressive strategy. You can set up the risk by using a fixed lot or choose to risk a percentage of your capital by trade.

9 - Can I run Albatross EA along with other EAs or open manual orders on the same account?

Yes, Albatross EA is perfectly compatible with other EAs or manual orders on the same account. You just have to be careful when using different magic numbers on each EA.

10 - On how many accounts am I allowed to use the Albatross EA? Can I use it in both real accounts and demos?

You will pay $197 life time for each Albatross EA license. Each license gives you the right to use it only for one account, which may be a real or demo one. The real or demo account you choose to use can be changed as many times as you wish at any moment within the members’ area.